• Introducing GauRider.
    Now Refined.

    GauRider is the quickest and the most elegant way to find the next gautrain and bus time on your iOS device.

  • Smart Log System.
    Log Data that matters.

    Log your current gold card balance each and every check in and check out for future reference. Another way GauRider makes you a smarter GauRider :)

  • Smart GauSave Indicator
    Know how much you are saving.

    Automatically switches GauSave indication based on current time.


Now introducing the most personal Gautrain app yet. Making you a smarter GauRider everyday.

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    Smart Log System

    Now you can manually log how much you have on your gold card after every check in and check out. The timestamp and latest balance will be stored on your device for future reference.
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    Smart GauSave Indicator

    A dynamic GauSave indicator that changes in real-time, therefore showing you which GauSave period you are currently on. Know how much you save on the spot :)
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    Crisper. Quicker. Refined

    Subtle and delightful animations. Crisper user interface refinements and performance enhancements. Also added a personal touch of customising your app with your own avatar.

A single Drag & Drop that is all it takes
to get your next train time.

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    Quick & Intuitive

    The intuitive drag and drop user interface makes it easy and a pleasure to navigate to any direction, all it takes is a single drag and drop. Get the next departure time, minutes left before departure time, GauSave indicator and an ETA.
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    Universal App

    GauRider is a universal app running iOS 7+ for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Designed and developed from ground up to be authentic to each and every iOS device. The latest version is optimised for iPhone 6 Plus as well.
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    Smart Dates

    The app is smart, it knows what day it is. It switches dates and times automatically based on the current day. The app does not use your data, it works even if you are underground or offline.

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Have a look at how GauRider works.


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